doing a 180


you’re not fooling anybody you dumb bitch.

you can take all the pills you want, but it’s never going to make you likeable. the only thing it does is it keeps you in this delusionally narcissistic state where you’re artificially, superficially, mindlessly “happy” and completely oblivious to other people or even what’s going on in your own mind.

whatever made you think it was a good idea to unload on the internet, after all this time spent marinading in your own toxic bs??? nobody. cares.

and you dare pretend you’re getting better, all the while following those same patterns that got you here in the first place? and climbing onto shelves tempting fate to let you fall to the floor?

who are you kidding? you know full well you have nothing to offer. you’re empty inside, you’re mean, and you want to see people suffer. Youd take everyone down with you if you could. you’re not “kind” “deep down”; youdve been kind a long time ago if youd genuinely wanted to.

some people are just destined to be miserable, and they dont even really want to be happy. if you want to change, why dont you make some fuckin effort for once in your life, you entitled, lazy fuck????

all you can do is make excuses. you’re too stupid, too ugly, too boring, too annoying, or you’re not enough this and not enough that… to just do your best. thats not how life works, you absolute twat.

if you can be counted on for anything, its one more stupid mistake, you thoughtless, good-for-nothing waste of oxygen.

really you were trying to do the impossible all along; trying to accept the unacceptable.

but im done with that.

im done pretending i can ever like myself. what kind of stupid goal is that, anyway? whoever said you had to like yourself to survive? i never did like myself, and yet im still alive. easier that way.

less internal conflict if you can come to terms with simply being a shitty human being.